Board Members 2018 - 2019

 Ordinary Members



Ordinary Members 


Nashon Omondi

Nashon Omondi President1

 President   Ivy Katee
 Ivy Katee Membership Director1
Membership Director 

Sarah Migwi
Sarah Migwi Vice President1
Vice President   Erick Sangoro
Erick Sangoro Service and Projects Director1
Service and Projects Director
Ashley Myers
Ashley Myers IPP Club Trainer1
 IPP   Joe Musangi
Joe Musangi Vocational Service Director1
Vocational Services Director

Michael Kimani

Michael Kimani President Elect1

President Elect   Caroline MateCaroline Mater Director Family of Rotary1 Family of Rotary Director

Caroline Obara
Caroline Olbara Club Secretary1

Club Secretary   Sarah Njoroge
Sarah Njoroge DCA and RI Convention Director1
DCA and RI Convention Director
Josphat Wagura
Josphat Wagura Treasurer1

Antoinette Absaloms
Antoinette Absaloms International Service Director1

International Service Director

Wedgett Boyi
Wedgett Boyi Sergeant at Arms1

Sergeant at Arms   

Quintet Akeyel
Quintet Akeyel Attendance Director1

Attendance Director
Dixon Karani
Dixon Karani Speaker Secretary1
Speaker Secretary   Peter Kariuki
Peter Kariuki Sunshine Rally convener1
Sunshine Rally Director
Mercy Mutua
Mercy Mutua Fundraising Director1
Fundraising Director   Ashley Murugi
Ashley Murugi New Generations Director1
New Generations Director
Andrew Wainaina
Andrew Wainaina My Rotary Director1
My Rotary Director    Patrick Githinji
Patrick Githinji PR and Communications Director1
PR and Communications Director



“Rotary is not just another club – it’s a way of life…!”


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