Weekly speaker - 07/12/2017

Renee Ngamau is a radio host, executive and business coach, NLP master practitioner and a hypnotherapist.

Very few people will walk away from a well-established, celebrated career in commercial law, to pursue their passion. Over 9 years ago, following what she terms as her “Route To Damascus” experience, Renee walked away from a law career in the City of London, deferred her PhD in Financial Law, to retrain as a life and business coach with one of the top neurological based coaching companies in the world, Results Coaching Systems. She trained further to become an NLP master practitioner and trainer, and a hypnotherapist. She practised in London as a Business and Executive coach before moving to Kenya.

Renee works in Nairobi, as a life and business strategist. She is the host of the weekday morning drive show, Capital in the Morning with Renee and
Maqbul on 98.4 Capitalfm. At four years, it is the longest running morning drive show on Capital FM.

Renee is one of only seven African Women in Media Network Champions for the Graca Machel Trust.

Renee is absolutely passionate about helping people discover their purpose and achieve their potential particularly in business and career. She coaches clients to identify their unique purpose, and that of their business; create the structures to live, operate in alignment with purpose and generate personal passion and professional profit from the processes. She is available to moderate and host corporate engagements and launches.

Renee is an outdoors kinda girl – open country does it for her something special. Her claim to fame is that until April 2012, she had a shamba/ “burloti” [a ten pole
allotment] in the middle of London. She actually grew sukuma wiki from seed. For real. She has even been known to give away “bouquets” of sukz as presents.
She enjoys writing and reading. She has a secret book fetish.

Renee is currently learning Mandarin Chinese through a self teaching CD set and has just started Muy Thai Boxing. Watch out, guys!

Her bucket list includes driving cattle on horse back in Argentina, riding a Harley Davidson across Africa [erm, a 2011 FXDC Dyna Custom to be precise – 1600cc
well, 1584cc but who’s counting?]. It was love at first sight… sigh!
Favorite football team? The one with the cutest guys.

Favorite movie? it’s a tie between the Matrix and What the Bleep Do We Know

Pet peeves? Foolishness, suppression, self important people, “leaders” that do not deliver, food that’s all mixed up [mchanganyiko] and above all, the word “impossible” Renee has been called high on life and “rather quirky”

She will be speaking to us on changing our mind and our lives.

See you then!!


“Rotary is not just another club – it’s a way of life…!”


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