Weekly speaker - 25/01/2018

Dr. Muthoni Gichu is an experienced health, sports and exercise scientist and a medical gerontologist both at practice and policy levels.


Muthoni works with stakeholders to develop and execute strategies that increase awareness on the benefits of physical activity and health focusing on contributing to an increase in active healthy people and communities. She does this thanks to her unmatched understanding of physical activity and health. Her programme includes working with people to make them realize their potential by bettering their bodies in preparation for a healthy lifestyle.

She also contributes to raising awareness on the plight of older persons while helping to understand and combat ageism and empoweing them for an ill prepared time in life as well as helping them maintain and rebuild their health and functional capacity.

This week, she visits us to speak about healthy aging.

See you then.


“Rotary is not just another club – it’s a way of life…!”


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