Weekly speaker - 01/02/2018

Dr. Kizzie Shako is a Medical Practitioner working under the Division of Forensic and Pathology Services, Ministry of Health, Kenya and currently seconded to the National Police Service as a Police Surgeon.
She has received training in various fields of Forensic Pathology, namely Dead Body Management, Disaster victim Identification Post mortem examination, and Death investigation.  She has acquired in-depth knowledge and skills in Clinical Forensic Medicine including Injury Interpretation, Adult and Child Sexual Violence, and Non Accidental injuries in Children. 

Dr. Shako is actively involved in development of policy, standard operating procedures and manuals for both government and non-government organisations. She  is an active Technical Working Group member for Guidelines for Management of sexual violence, Independent Medico Legal Unit, National Coroner’s bill, SOPs for Clinical Forensic Practitioners among others. In addition to this, her expertise has also lead her to be one of the most sought out facilitators for capacity building trainings for organizations such as Kenya National Commission on Human Rights.

Given the nature of her work with victims of violence, she is driven to make a positive impact in her community to reduce the cases of sexual and domestic violence, to capacity build key players involved in the outcome of rehabilitation and restoration and justice for victims. This desire motivated initiation of VUNJAKIMYA, a blog where she addresses sensitive issues and gives advise highlighting key elements of violence.

This week she joins us to tell us more about her organization and how to deal with violence and abuse.


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