Weekly speaker - 01/03/2018

This week we have a whiskey tasting from Wayne Mutiso, Nick Misoi, Rory O'Sullivan and Ugo Messi in conjunction with Pernod Ricard Kenya.

Wayne Mutiso was born in Nairobi and grew up in East Africa until he was 8 years old before moving to Australia with his family. In recent years Wayne returned to his Native Kenya and settled in his home with his wife Tatiana and their beautiful daughter Olive. Wayne spent a year in Scotland learning about the fine art of scotch whiskey making. Wayne is a Chivas scotch whiskies man, but on special occasions he likes to take his wife for a good meal and share half a bottle of ‘The Glenlivet’, Single Malt Scotch Whisky.  When he found out his wife was pregnant he did just that only this time he decided for the sake of their future baby it would be better if he drank his wife’s share of the whiskey.

Nick Misoi was born in Mombasa, Kenya. Nick has always had a passion for great food and drinks, fantastic goat nyama choma, and Jameson Black barrel, a rich Irish whiskey double charred in Oak Barrels, is his meal of choice. When asked what he takes his Jameson Black Barrel with? Ice or water?  His usual answers is that’ he takes his Jameson with more Jameson. After finishing his studies in Food Science and Technology, Nick worked in production and sales for Brookside Dairy Ltd and SABMiller Breweries. Now as the Jameson Irish Whiskey Ambassador his dreams have been finally realized, because he can sit and sip some of his favorite Irish whiskeys with good people and call it going to work.

Rory O’Sullivan was born in the heart and home of Jameson Irish Whiskey, Cork Ireland. Rory is a distant relative to the Jameson Family and has inherited his families passion for crafting and celebrating the world’s finest Irish whiskey. He remembers working as a fisherman when he was younger off a small island on the west coast of Ireland and after work on a Friday, he’d come in from the cold sea breeze and rain and his old boss would share a bottle of Jameson with the crew by a warm fire. ‘The warm pull of the whiskey would heat your chest and the smooth finish reminded me that the weekend was here’ he said on describing his first experience with Jameson. After finishing his Master’s degree in International Relations, Rory brought his two loves in life together to make his career. His love  for travel,meeting new people and experiencing new cultures and his love for Jameson Whiskey.

Ugo Messi was born in France, home of Champagne and Cognac. Ugo has always been passionate about drinks in general: he has already had the chance to work for Carlsberg Group, La Martiniquaise, Coca-Cola Entreprise & AB InBev before joining Pernod Ricard.More than a hobby, this industry is a passion for him. A passion guided by what defines him the best: curiosity. This curiosity has taken him all around the world to meet new people and share experiences: Australia, USA, Iceland, Indonesia, Cuba, Cyprus...This curiosity finally took him here in Kenya, where his job now consists in passing the word and sharing the love he has for Martell Cognac & Mumm Champagne.

It is advised that you carry a small bottle of water to cleanse your palate as we sample the various whiskey brands.

See you then!!!!


“Rotary is not just another club – it’s a way of life…!”


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