Weekly speaker - 22/03/2018

Soli Kiluta is a husband, father, businessman and a friend.


He is a social transformation professional specializing in securiy, governance and leadership.

Soli holds a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business Administration and is currently completing his Masters degree in Social Transformation specializing in Security and Governance. Soli is also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist with the Grief Recovery Institiute and a Transformational leadership trainer, coach and facilitator.

With over 10 years in the security profession, Soli is the founder and managing director of Cavalier International, a second generation private security firm specializing in hotel security. He is also a founder member of the Social Transformation Consortium - a regional consultancy helping governments, institutions and organizations remove constraints, equip leaders and empower people to bring about sustainable transformation.

Soli is married to Damaris and they have three wonderful children - Tanu, Mumo and Tendai.

Soli loves the simple things in life and holds firm the belief that life is much easier when it is simpler.

His hobbies include architecture, art & design. philosophy, technology, organizing, investing, travelling, challenging conversations and a great laugh.


“Rotary is not just another club – it’s a way of life…!”


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