A City’s Dirt Secret

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Andrew Foote is the co-founder of Sanivation, a venture-backed social enterprise that provides waste management solutions to cities.

Sanivation partners with county governments and water utilities to manage waste. One of their products, a treatment plant, transforms human waste into biomass fuel that replaces traditional firewood in industrial boilers. They are working across 8 cities in Kenya and have saved over 135,000 trees to date.

Sanivation has been featured on the Netflix Documentary Brave Blue World with Matt Damon and recognized by an innovation award from the Kenyan Government.

Join us this Thursday at Royal Nairobi Club to listen to Andrew talk about his work in the operation of waste management systems towards the development of clean, productive and sustainable cities.

Date: 24th March, 2022
Time: 7pm EAT
Location: Royal Nairobi Club
Remember to RSVP to attend (visiting Rotarians and guests)

See you then!

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