A Breath Of Fresh Air- RCL Walkers Hike and Clean Ngong Hills

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The chilly early morning wind welcomed the 12 Rotarians and 8 Rotaractors in the RCL Walkers
Crew to the hike and clean up The Ngong Hills on 6 th March 2021.
The RCL walkers have done tons of fun hikes, but in line with the newest Rotary Area of Focus,
‘Supporting the Environment’ hiking the Ngong Hills was going to not only be a fun experience,
but one that would engage Rotarians and Rotaractors in a worthy cause.

The white string of windmills was a stark contrast to the dirt underneath. Unsightly waste from
empty plastic bottles, cans of alcohol and soda lined the roadside of the picturesque- knuckle-
shaped hills. This was a heartbreaking sight for lovers of the great outdoors.
The Walkers engaged in a full body workout to and from the 4th hill of the 7 Ngong Hills while
picking waste along the way back in what they termed as “Safisha Milima Campaign’ (Clean the

“The hike gave Rotarians a chance to enjoy good company and enhance personal wellness, with a more fulfilling purpose of supporting the environment. As Rotarians we have a duty to care for the environment, and we need to advocate for more people to manage waste better. Let us also encourage more people to protect and care for the environment,” noted Captain Alex Esikhaty, RCL Walkers Convenor.

Hiking helps build strengthen quadriceps, the muscles in your hips and lower legs hamstrings,
and glutes as well as the core. The view from the top of a hill is not only nourishing to the body
but also helps avert anxiety, improving your health and wellbeing. The exercise takes a toll on
your body, however, walking along the fresher, cleaner hills made the muscle aches and pains
all worth it!

Would you like to join RCL Walkers on the next adventure? Follow us for details.

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