A Chat With the Indefatigable Major Donor Rtn. Abdi Dubat

If the sultry reggae beats strumming from Bob Marley’s guitar are not soothing his soul, you will find Vice President Rotary Club of Nairobi-Lang’ata, Rtn. Abdi Dubat shopping or savoring delectable cuisine outdoors. (Club members know that a coffee with Abdi is unlimited opportunity). His sense of humor is uncanny, but his competitive spirit is unmatched. Unafraid of speaking his mind, but passionate about giving, Abdi flawlessly narrates the history of Rotary like he was right there with Paul Harris. The Auditor and Managing Partner of Umuro Wario and Associates recently joined the league of Major Donor for the biggest Club in District 9212, yet he has only been a member for slightly over 2 years. He shares about his deep passion for Rotary, with tips on how to handle donor fatigue.

1.What’s your drive for and in Rotary?
I have always proactively participated in activities that help communities improve their lives. When I came to understand Rotary as people of action around the globe who are improving lives through meaningful and sustainable projects, I was immediately sold. I am passionate about the opportunity to serve and give so that others can have a better life too.

2. Why do you keep giving?
I give because I believe in the good work being done by The Rotary Foundation (TRF).
This year TRF established a new peace center, our first in Africa. When a pandemic
overwhelmed communities around the world, TRF took action and funded COVID-19 projects to assist health care workers and vulnerable people. And our efforts to
eradicate polio helped lead the African region be declared free of wild polio virus. There are many other success stories of the Rotary Foundation and I want to be part of these good stories. TRF can’t do any of these without gifts and donations, that’s why we all need to keep giving to TRF.

3. What are projects are you passionate about?
I am passionate about projects that directly affect the lives of the young generation. Whether its health, education or Water and Sanitation, anything that gives hope and positively changes the lives of our children will definitely have my support. Most of my TRF giving went to the polio fund because I believe that Rotary together with its partners will win the war to make this world a polio free world.

4. Do you experience donor fatigue and how do you handle it?
Resources are limited but needs are unlimited. As result, you have to balance your giving to rotary vis a vis other needs to avoid donor fatigue

5. What would you say to those who wish to give but haven’t started?
Giving does not diminish your wealth. It blesses it instead and increases your wealth. It sounds ridiculous but I believe this to be true and I would urge all fellow Rotarians and friends of rotary to give to our foundation. You will find joy and satisfaction in giving and once you start, you wont stop. That is how you create a lasting change to your community and around the world.

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