A Fireside Chat with Rotarian Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr.

The Rotary Club of Lang’ata held its inaugural “Fireside Chat” titled ‘Round Table-
Ask me Anything’ on Friday 18 th September 2020. The guest speaker was our very own youthful, vibrant, humorous and charismatic lawyer turned politician, Past President Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior.
The immersive session was moderated by Rtn. Dr. Fred Mugambi Mwirigi, who
guided the open and friendly banter, of a warm, evening virtual interview that drew a crowd
of over 150 participants.
The event was intimate and witty, with the Senator intimating his ambitions for
Makueni County, and his reflections on his late father’s legacy and the shoes his prominent and outspoken father unexpectedly left for him to fill.
“Junior” as he is popularly called, shared his achievements, passion, and reflection on issues such as the Solai Dam tragedy of 2018, where he chaired a senate ad hoc committee that led investigations into the tragedy. Among his other proud achievements was being part of the 12 member committee that saw to the signing of an amicable agreement for a formula to unlock the contentious county revenue sharing allocations, without which deal, the deadlock stood to paralyze all county financial operations.
When asked whether he would recommend politics to a friend, his answer was a
resounding no! Nevertheless, he is inspired to keep soldiering on to bring change to his beloved Makueni County, where the popular vote is in his favor.
He reminisced about how his father fostered in him a good work ethic of being an
early riser and a hard worker by starting him off as an office messenger. He shared how a friendship and comradery had developed between the father and son who shared the same profession. We got the impression that Mutula Kilonzo Snr would be proud of his son, for taking up his fallen mantle well. During his talk, we could not help but see that the apple did not fall far from the tree.
We learned that he is an avid reader and during his free time, he also loves to catch action movies on Netflix.
We are proud of you Junior for carrying the Rotary flag high. May the four-way test
continue to guide you.

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