A November Ladies Hangout

Sunshine, laughter, wine, a sumptuous meal and a beautiful home with a gracious host set the tone for the long-awaited RCL ladies’ reunion that was held on 14th November. The bevy of beauties obeyed the dress code that was a relaxed denim and white themed event against the backdrop of giggles and outbursts of laughter. An outdoor catch-up of humorous stories and a reconnection with long-lost members. This day had been long anticipated, and it did not disappoint.

Indeed, it was memorable. The girls were all glammed up for a photo shoot that was filled with lots of ‘insta’ moments. The photographs inscribed the events of that day.

To crown it all, we celebrated Rtn. Roselyn Anyim’s birthday with a beautiful cake. The physical celebration was a great relief from the distant virtual celebrations.   

But aside from the fun and laughter, as the evening wore on, the ladies gathered by a fire and were provided with warm Masaai blankets that they draped themselves in against the night chill. The RCL ladies became engrossed in deep, thought-provoking conversations on investment among women led by Past President June Rienye. 

The RCL ladies’ resident lawyers enlightened the ladies on legal matters such as succession and the writing of wills to protect their wealth and assets (and not just the anatomical kind).

What emerged that evening was the revelation that ladies are increasingly becoming ‘self-made’. Women are growing their own wealth. The assumption that women’s wealth is always either inherited or “sponsored” is just not true. Women are working hard for their money, starting their own businesses and making their own fortunes. There is a need to account for, insure, invest and secure these assets for equitable distribution and for their future generations or even in the event of unforeseeable circumstances. The hangout shattered the societal misconception that wealth building is the preserve of men in a patriarchal society. 

The only thing that could stop the reggae was the 10:00pm curfew; as many of us as could call themselves ‘essential service providers’ tried to hang on to the night as long as we could.        

We are so looking forward to the next one! 


Link to the photos


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