Global Warming and Risks to Food Security

This week we welcome John Kanyingi Waiguru, an expert Agronomist.

John has worked in the crop production industry in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia for the past 21 years. Having graduated with a
BSc. Agriculture and Extension, Egerton University, and majored in Crop Protection.

He has mainly dealt with farmers of all types of crops: food crops (maize, tomatoes), fibre crops (cotton), and ornamentals (roses). Providing the growers, both large scale and small holders, solutions on crop protection against pests and diseases.
While interacting with players in the agriculture industry: governments, NGOs, produce marketing firms, processors and end users. Plus all businesses in the value chain of crop protection products to the last mile.

John will speak to us about rain harvesting and farming best practices to support food security.

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