Home Ownership Journey in Kenya

This Thursday, 3rd June, 2021 from 7:00 pm, we shall be hearing from one of the RCL Professional Clusters:
RCL Built Environment Cluster

Everyone’s dream is to own a home where you retreat after the daily hustle and bustle of life for some peace and tranquility. The Journey to owning your home can be smooth or riddled with stress and frustration depending on your knowledge concerning the process and the stakeholders involved.

The cluster members will take the stage and help shed light on the pitfalls and the way to navigate them under the following topics:-


1. Land Acquisition

2. Design, Documentation & Approvals

3. Different Construction methods

4. To Build or to Buy (off plan or a complete house)

If you have any questions on the above issues, kindly send them in advance to PP. Peter S. Kariuki on 0722 521 659 and they will be incorporated in the presentation.

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