Kidney Health and Disease Management

This week’s Guest Speaker is Catherine Maina, a BsN Advanced Kidney Care Clinical Nurse Specialist, as well as a KRCHN/KRNN nurse in Kenya. Before moving to the UK, she worked for five years as a registered nurse midwife, and for one year as a renal nurse within Kiambu County.
Currently, Catherine is based at St.Georges University Hospital in London which is one of the largest teaching hospitals in the UK. Her duties include to helping patients plan for kidney disease treatment, which can be dialysis, supportive care, or kidney transplant. She also runs an outpatient renal anemia clinic.

Beyond that she is a budding writer, and healthcare content creator on You Tube. She is also the founder of Beyond Breast Cancer Foundation, a charitable organization based in Kenya, as she is a surviving and thriving breast cancer warrior.

Please join us this Thursday for a VIRTUAL MEETING as she takes us through Kidney Health and Disease Management.

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