Rooted in Our African Story

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Our guest this week is Mona Nya Muchemi who is the Creator & Host of the AfriWetu Platform.

At its core, the AfriWetu platform is very simply about pre-colonial African history and the incredible civilisations that existed at the time. AfriWetu then weaves the stories of African legends, peoples, fables & folklore from across the continent, capturing the depth of our different cultures & heritage.

The AfriWetu podcast, which is one of the multiple channels of the platform, is split into three series; Civilisations, Legends, Fables & Folklore. The show’s backdrop and production is done in such a way that immerses the listeners in the story. Individual elements of the African story are highlighted, celebrating the great diversity within our societies, and therefore enriching the audience’s experience.

AfriWetu’s vision is to foster a sense of community, something that is intrinsic to African culture and ethos. This sentiment is reinforced by having the Fables, Folklore and Legends brought to life by a variety of Guest Narrators who share a personal bond with Mona Nya.

With so much history that predates colonisation, AfriWetu is working towards bringing all these stories of African excellence and genius as well as her people and culture to life.

See you at the session.

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