Flying High With The RCL Walkers

“Greetings ladies and gentlemen, you’re aboard the RCL Walkers flight and I’m your captain, Alex Esikhaty”- you were pretty close about the plane.

Whether he was experiencing cabin fever for being grounded so long, or the love for the great outdoors, all we care for is that Captain Alex birthed the RCL Walkers. This bonding idea was taken up almost instantly by other like-minded individuals.

Our first walk was at the Oloolua nature trail where Patrick ‘Muray’ was the chosen tour guide of the day having done the trail countless times in the past. We looked up to him on the 10KM trail, like he was a Yanomamo resident in the Amazon forest.

Our second walk which was a 15KM stretch at Karura forest which I must admit ended up being one of the best walks to date. It was also the same day that our Captain welcomed Captain Junior into the world. We met PE Kizito entering the forest which was enough good karma for the day. Hidden talent was unearthed and let me not start on our very own ‘InstaBae’ (photographer designate). Thereafter Swallowship as usual by buying sumptuous pork from the famous Pork Pit. The magnificent PR Director Emily Manjeru graciously hosted us at her place, with the afterparty at Sir Allan Okuja’s residence in “lower” Kitisuru.

We have hiked the Ngong Hills in a David Vs Goliath situation. The “Goliaths” stamped the last hill in a record time of 1 hour 46 mins but ended up finishing in last place on the return leg due to muscle aches and pains. The “David’s” outdid themselves and finished an hour before the last team made it back. We are glad to have been witnesses to a proposal by the windmills, where glam, charm and cheer ruled.

Nothing beats the latest experience where Rtn Janet Lavuna cycled 10 Km with her little cub, Leo, strapped to the back. This priceless memory will be shared with her nephews rode who gleefully by her side.

Nonetheless the walks are one of the best ways to spend a Sunday morning burning calories, and what better than a chilled swallowship RCL style. Who knows what’s in store as we dare to scale Mt. Longonot led by our chipper pacesetter Rotarian Annie Mwangi. Do not miss the next flight walk, bring some ‘popcorns’ (plus one).

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