Kipepeo, Making Learning Fun and Safe

Many children in Kware Slum in Ongata Rongai have had to face the grim reality of not having the leisure of at-home studies due to the unavailability of a conducive space for learning.

A quiet place to study after school had been an unattainable dream till Beatrice Nyararia opened up Kipepeo Safe Place for the children in the community.
Through donations from the Rotaract Clubs of Langata, Ongata Rongai Community Based Club, and Multimedia University, the space was equipped with reading desks and benches to make it more conducive for studying.
At Kipepeo, the Children are able to nurture their talents in Art, have access to board games and best of all, can study uninterrupted in a safe and quiet environment.

Opening the space during the pandemic period was such a cathartic experience for Beatrice, “I was so frustrated throughout 2020 because I was unable to work with the children as before, yet the need was there. Luckily the space got donations of face masks and sanitizers from a member of the Rotaract Club of Ongata Rongai. These masks are given to kids who come to the space without marks. Due to the precautions of practicing social distancing, the space cannot have as many children as it can hold. On average 10 to 30 children use the space daily with different time frames, from about 30mins to 3hrs. The number differs depending on the exam period. It is busier when they are about to sit for exams.”
Whereas there’s still much more to be done to equip the Kipepeo facility, The impact of setting up this space has been remarkable as children are now preoccupied constructively and less likely to engage in social vices.

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