RCL Men Hangout

It was a chilly Saturday with intermittent drizzles but the RCL men braved it with a ‘Barbeque in the Wild’ social inside the thick Oloolua Nature Trail on 28th November 2020. The roads inside the Nature trail were quite slippery that the organizer, Rtn. Muchai, suggested that the gentlemen only access the place with 4X4 vehicles unless they believe in their smaller cars.

It was a short drive from the entrance of the Nature trail to the camping site where the social was set up with tents, a bonfire and a barbeque area. In the interest of being part of the working team at the social, on arrival, one had to take a walk into the thicket around the social area to collect firewood for the bonfire. The idea was to pick up small branches that had fallen off trees and that were dry enough to light a fire. Some men showed their scouting skills probably from their younger years, but a few others could only manage to pick up twigs! 

While the meats were being roasted and prepared it was time to catch up and fend off our relatives  the monkeys from accessing the cooking area. The catch up was insightful, especially for the newer members and the few guests who had made time to attend the social. Men shared very unique experiences they went through as they got to become who they are now. It was a BYOB plan, and with the Music by DJ Mike blasting through the forest over the loud laughter of the men, the stories and bitings, it was indeed a well spent afternoon of networking, sharing and appreciating each other’s journeys through life.

At the end of the evening, just before curfew hour, PP Gichohi presented a fore shank of a goat to each of the gentlemen who sponsored a goat in what would be classically referred to as “Kurudisha Mkono

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