There are many things I could count from the top of my head that have come to being at the Rotaract
Club of Lang’ata, just from the playful conversations we have during our many adventurous hangouts. Rotajams is not an exception. We talked about it and we made it happen. Like we always do. Wazzzzuurrr. Creativity has always been close to our hearts and we are lucky that it is also close to our house, The Rotaract Club of Lang’ata, because a good number of our members are in this industry.
Rotajams is a partnership curated by The Rotaract Club of Lang’ata and Jamhuri events. Jamhuri events is an events company that is set to promote artistic content, music being a major factor. The aim of Rotajams is to promote our music, poetry and other creative arts while raising funds that will go a long way in supporting our communities that are in need, through the Rotaract Club of Lang’ata’s service projects.

Rotajams was created and launched, in the 2019-2020 Rotary year, to spread immense awareness of the creative world in Rotary to the world over and vice versa, with an ultimate goal of caring for those in need amongst us and others in our communities. So basically, Rotajams is a live musical concert event that the Rotaract Club of Lang’ata in partnership with Jamhuri Events uses to fundraise in order to fund our various projects. Imagine enjoying a concert and knowing in the back of your mind that the ticket you bought is going to repaint a primary school somewhere or dignify school going girls by buying them sanitary pads among other things. Wouldn’t you say the music will hit with a different beautiful taste? I say it will because I know that it does.

The first Rotajams event was held at Creatives Garage in March 2019, featuring spoken word poetry and music. The second one was held at Michael Joseph Centre in November 2019 featuring among others, an album launch for the local artist Suzziah. We were forced to hold off on the events in 2020 for a while because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That did not stop us though. Towards the end of the year, last year, we of the creative and thoughtful minds came together at Mzuzi Park to enjoy acoustic music from the amazing Watendawili and SJ Ndigro among others, while fundraising for our projects at the same time. Having fun while serving others is what Rotajams is about. We catch up over music, good company and in good places. You really need to join us next time.


We will hold another Rotajams live concert event, and then another one after that one and again another moving forward. Kindly plug in when we call upon you to buy tickets to the event and help others in return. Stay tuned to our social media pages for more information about our projects and how to be part of them, on Facebook and Instagram @rotajams.
Watch out for the next Rotajams event and come have our kind of fun. Fun that doesn’t end in your minds and in your hearts because in the process, you’re reaching far into our communities through our projects.


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